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The age of 2-Way Satellite Internet!

     You can now have high speed internet anywhere you travel, even to the most remote portions of the desert or mountains utilizing the latest in cuttig edge technology, the new Datastorm Two-Way Internet Satellite system will deliver.
  The Datastorm mounts on top of your company truck, RV or command trailer. Click a button and the dish AUTOMATICALLY deploys and locks on to a selected satellite. Once locked on, your online at high speeds! No phone lines, no cellular phones, no satellite phones. This is true 2-way satellite technology available for one low fixed monthly price.

What are the possibilities?
  Imagine rolling on-site and in ten minutes you’re on-line and connected to the internet or your corporate server from ANYWHERE. Receive emails or vital information from headquarters or critical images, or statistics that are just too impractical to do over the phone. Manage your stocks or do your banking. Make telephone calls over your satellite when no cellular access is available or when you just want a backup phone.

Oregon RV Satellite Service has been a MotoSAT DATASTORM satellite dealer since 1999. We also sell RF Mogul TV and INTERNET systems, King Dome, KVH and the Winegard TV products.

  We now offer a complete Internet System for temporary usage. The units are ready to go when you get them. Just attach a few cables and the dish is ready for service. Use the system for a month or more and return when you're finished. Internet access for personal or corp. events, emergency response and more. Inquire for details.

$1,800 per month - plus deposit - plus bandwidth usage

We also sell complete Fly-Away systems you can own.
Contact us for pricing.

(Pricing does not include installation)
NEW Equipment
    NEW Mogul DataSAT 840 (.85 meter) 6W with X5 iDirect modem $7,495
    NEW Mogul Beamer RFM98 (.98 meter) 6W with X5 iDirect modem 15,700
    NEW Mogul Beamer RFM120 (1.2 meter) 6W with X5 iDirect modem 15,995
Used Guaranteed Equipment
    USED F1 (.74m) 1W/HN7000s modem with D2 controller $2,350
    USED F1 (.74m) 1W/HN7000s modem with D3 controller $2,750
    USED G74 (.74m) 1W/HN7000s modem with D3 controller $4,450
    USED G74 (.74m) 1W/HN7000s modem with D4 controller $5,950
    USED F1 (.74m) 3W with D3 controller & no iDirect modem $3,750
    USED F2, (.98m) 2W with D3 controller & Hughes HN7000s modem $3,975
    USED F2, (.98m) 4W with D3 controller & iDirect X5 modem $4,990
    USED F3 (1.2m) 3W with D3 controller - no modem $4,495
    USED F3 (1.2m) 4W with D3 controller, iDirect X5 modem $5,995
    USED XF2 (.98m) 2 watt, J1 controller, Hughes modem $6,750
    USED XF2 (.98m) 4 watt, J1 controller, iDirect X5 modem $7,000
    USED XF2 (.98m) 6 watt, J1 controller, iDirect X5 modem $7,500
    USED XF3 (1.2m) 2 watt, D4 controller, Hughes modem $6,950
    USED XF3 (1.2m) 6W, J1 controller, iDirect X5 modem $7,550

DataStorm F1

  • Automatic Pointing to the HughesNet Satellite.
  • Broadband Internet access that is "always on".
  • Broadband Internet Anywhere in North America*.
  • Automatic Signal Peaking with the Internet Satellite.
  • Optional DirecTV or Dish Television Reception.
  • Stowing the dish without having to turn the computer on.
  • Re-Peaking if the vehicle has settled.
  • GPS location and altitude.
  • Optional manual control of the Dish.
  • All Weather - fully automated motorized satellite system.
  • Flat rate Internet billing starting at $79.99 a month.
  • Technical support if needed.

DataStorm XF2
We sell RF Mogul & Winegard TV Systems

Winegard Trav'ler or RF Mogul models
We are proud to be dealers for two of the premier satellite manufacturers of quality TV satellite solutions for your TV needs. Dishes for either Standard Definition or HIGH definition HD. Available in models for DirecTV, Dish Network, Shaw(Star Choice) and Bell Express Vu. Call us for a FREE estimate. We take trade-ins of your old Dome.

Computer Screen Shot
Internet Controller

Your Datastorm F1/G74 can be enhanced to allow you to view satellite standard or high definition television and get internet access at the same time. This is a simple and low cost accessory item that can allow you to get DirectTV or Dish Network (SD) service once you have acquired the internet satellite. High Definition is by a special HD kit for DirecTV. If you need satellite phone service (VoIP) then the DataStorm can do that also via skype! This is one of the most sophisticated Internet System available.

This larger .98 meter satellite dish improves reception in those fringe areas and thereby widen the coverage area of the satellite. At several thousand dollars more it is for the user that travels up into Canada or deep into Mexico and needs to stay connected. With the larger dish you can also use the HughesNet business packages that provide faster up and downloading of files and better VoIP phone service.

This commercial grade 1.2 meter mobile satellite dish is more than twice the size of the original F1 DataStorm, but uses only 20% more roof area when stowed for travel. This rugged system can find the Hughes/iDirect Satellite from fringe areas that smaller systems are unable to reach. Signal Strength and Polarization Isolation abilities are far greater than any other mobile system. This is the high end solution that offers you a better internet connection.

Take exit 195B off I-5 go west
about 8 miles, signal stops hwy, turn left (Roosevelt)
next right is Bertelsen
go a couple of blocks to 1st Ave. - turn left
on the right, just after Reddaway trucking

Use the link below to go to the Google Maps for full directions. Enter your ZIP
and mine "YourZIP to 97402" in search window. http://maps.google.com/maps

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